Sketch But Chill Travel Stories: The Traveling Plankton’s Newest Travel Editorial Section

  • Did you have bubble guts and had to wipe your ass with a sock?
  • Were you so wasted one night in South East Asia that you cut your hand open on a stripper pole only to be tended to by the staff and suffered no major infections or hand loss so it was chill?
  • Have you gotten into a fight with mafia or gangsters, what about a tuk-tuk or taxi driver and lived to tell the tale?
  • Have you been swindled so hard you were ready to end your trip but you worked it out because you’re a boss?
  • Have you met a cool person while traveling then traveled with them only to realize how crazy they were but you ditched them so it was all good?
  • Have you almost died but are still alive to tell about it?
  • Have you thought you almost died but didn’t?
  • Did you try to buy “contraband” only to have it backfire?
  • Have you had awful sex while traveling? What about awkward? What about crazy? What about funny? That never works out, but we would love it if you shared.
  • Have you had to go to a sketchy doctor’s office because you had no other options?
  • Do you have any other travel experiences that will make others blush, cringe, get the chills or count their blessings?
But most importantly Do you want to share your story so fellow travelers can read about it? 
If so Sketch But Chill Travel Stories: The Shit we DON’T Tell Our Families wants your story!
Send stories, videos and pictures to with the subject: SBC (Name of Country) Submission
  1. You are able to submit in 3 mediums: print, video or picture.
  2. Make sure to include where you were. If you are able to remember the exact street name include it. For example: St.51, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  3. Written submissions should be no more than 2 pages long; 1 page is preferred.
  4. You are able to submit anonymously, with only your first name, or your full name. It is up to you, but please specify in your email.
  5. Swearing isn’t prohibited but use it only when it truly adds to your story.
  6. Please be honest. There is no way to check your facts, so score some good karma points and keep it real. No one is mad at a bit of exaggeration, but keep it realistic and truthful to the set of events that occurred.
  7. Pictures and videos are warmly welcomed individually or along with your written story!
  8. If you would like your story to have a link to your website, twitter or any of your social media let us know in your email and we will gladly oblige.

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