This spoken word piece is dedicated to my friend Brian, and a dining experience we had in Siem Reap together, where he ordered fried rice without cashews, due to his allergy and it took about three times to get it right because allergies don’t exist in Cambodia.

I want to walk down roads with no direction.
Taking each step with new perception.
Meeting people with new affection.
A meeting of minds at each intersection.
Do you know what I’m saying? When your conversation takes a new direction because the conception of what I was saying lay on ears from a different culture where those perceptions don’t exist?
So they ask questions and I listen, trying to understand what they don’t.
We go back and forth through words and motions. Not until the sample is right will we settle and agree that we both understand…..
Damn, who knew ordering fried rice without cashews because of a deadly allergy could be so exhausting.

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